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Submitted by Jonathan Furness on Thu, 2007-11-15 09:11.

Stepping Stones presents on 'Building Self-Esteem through Digital Creativity' at the TES Education Show in London

Jonathan Furness presented at the TES Show in London on the theme of 'Building Self-Esteem through Digital Creativity' to a mixed audience of teachers, SENCOs and headteachers.

Using examples of interesting and creative artefacts created by the students at Stepping Stones School, Jonathan demonstrated how using this approach has shown significant progress in the self-esteem of our students.

Two examples used, included: Sailability film, produced for the local sailing club for children and adults with impairments. Also, Shark Attack animation.

Jonathan used an extract from the book, Painted Bird, and made a connection to how children who are seen to be different have their confidence slowly destroyed by the constant impact of others around them, in much the same way as the painted bird suffers at the beaks of the surrounding birds which peck away until death.

Jonathan showed how a small school can have a worldwide audience looking in and that this contributes to students feeling good about themselves. In fact, Stepping Stones, arguably, has a far greater community involvement than some of the large secondary schools in the UK, using Internet technologies.

Slides from Jonathan's presentation can be viewed from here.

Many of these slides included videos and animations that can't be played from here. Jonathan also used several other resources on his computer, which aren't included in this download.

If you wish to discuss this presentation further, please contact Jonathan on 01428 609083,

or email... jonathan at steppingstones dot org dot uk

Submitted by Jonathan Furness on Mon, 2007-10-01 09:35.

Music Workshop held here at Stepping Stones School - 21st October 2007

HemiHelp is holding a Music Workshop at Stepping Stones School in Surrey on Sunday 21st October 2007

If you'd like to come to the Stepping Stones Music Workshop, please fill in our online form to register your interest. We've also got more workshops planned in Manchester and Cardiff, so check back soon for updates!

HemiHelp has been holding Music Workshops since winter 2006, and they are proving a hit with children and parents alike. "We were given a very accessible introduction to all the main types of instruments by the extremely talented workshop team, and then all participated in putting a performance together that included percussion, voice and wind instruments," said one parent after a workshop.

Read more about what parents and children think about our Music workshops

"The HemiHelp music workshop scheme was set up to encourage children with hemiplegia to take a further interest in music, and to discover that they are able to become involved in musical activities and also able to play musical instruments," says Sally Motley, HemiHelp's Music Workshop Co-ordinator. You can find out more about the workshops involve on our About our music workshops page.

Stepping Stones is a school for children with mild disabilities / hemiplegia, in Surrey.

Submitted by Jonathan Furness on Wed, 2007-09-12 08:21.

Christmas Disco for children with hemiplegia

Our forthcoming Christmas Disco will take place on 15th December 2007. Please contact the school if you are interested in coming along.

Details are below.

Submitted by Jonathan Furness on Wed, 2007-09-12 07:57.

Stepping Stones Activity Day 2007 was bigger and better than ever before.

Nearly 200 children attended the Stepping Stones Activity Day on Sunday 9th September 2007. Despite the event being later in the year, we were treated to a very warm, sunny day as the photographs from the event will testify.

photographs | podcasts | animations | GarageBand music



The range of activities on offer this year were more varied than ever before. Children as young as 5 were able to choose from:

Table Tennis
Pony Rides
Steel Band
Beauty Tent
Pottery / Ceramics
Radio Controlled Cars
Zip Wire
Scuba Diving
Make a music video

Take a look at the photographs that were taken on the day, and if you were there on the day, see how many times you can be spotted in a photograph!

The day doesn't happen without the significant contribution of all the helpers, of which there were close to 100 people supporting the event.


Oasis Solutions were the main sponsor, along with many of its additional supporters, many of whom are Oasis clients:
Ace Office Supplies
Bob Pheasant
Bouville Art Shop
Durable UK
Cowans Direct
Office Base
Office Gold
Steelite International
Taylor & Co
The Burden Group
The Wilky Group
Total Objects

Txt message your thoughts on the day...

Several parents commented on the day using our txt messaging to web service... 07811 636738, which is still running today. Please keep messages to no more than 160 characters which is the equivalent of one txt at a time. You can send more than one however!


Your txt messages...


I was touched by the effort that so many people gave for the enjoyment of my three children. They loved scuba diving! Thank you all.
received: 11 September 2007 10:37  
An amazing day that has given us new hope 4 our son max.first time we had been in contact with any other parents of hemiplegic was such a help. A big thank you 2 larry and his team. Alison fiore
received: 10 September 2007 11:52  
What a fantastic day! Thankyou so much for this day - it was wonderful for georgie not to feel different! Thankyou again julie
received: 9 September 2007 16:42  





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Submitted by Jonathan Furness on Tue, 2007-09-11 10:02.

Digital Creativity Workshop - Day 1

Day 1 of the Digital Creativity Workshop is over, and the participants who travelled quite some distance to be here today, some from as far away as Devon, had a wonderful time exploring digital video production.

Click on each image to see a larger version.




Tomorrow, we will head towards Churt, and Sundial House to take part in some outdoor activities, including tennis, cricket, rounders, trampolining, golf, horse jumping (!)

Submitted by Jonathan Furness on Mon, 2007-07-23 22:51.