Sponsorship and Bursaries


Corporate Sponsorship

Stepping Stones welcomes sponsorship from both individuals and coporate organisations. There are many different ways in which you can contribute to the life of the school.

Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Sponsor a child through providing a bursary given to a specific child to support them in their learning.

  • Contribute towards the opportunities on offer to our pupils, whether that be in resourcing the curriculum, technology to support their learning or support for our youngsters to attend school trips.

Stepping Stones School has developed an excellent relationship with the business community, whereby a number of sponsors assist individual students with bursaries. If you or your company would like to contribute to the success of Stepping Stones, please contact Neil Clark neil@steppingstones.org.uk


Our thanks go to the existing sponsors:


COINS sponsor logo



Total Objects company logo

Total Objects brings us the capability for all pupils to have state-of-the-art laptop computers that unleashes their digital creativity. We know that when children are given the right tools, the doors to their world open up.

Read more about the computers and software tools used at Stepping Stones School.

 Oasis Solutions logo a significant sponsor of Stepping Stones
Stepping Stones School develops the many exciting curriculum opportunities with the help and sponsorship from OASIS. Both COINS and OASIS contributes to the cost of the innovative and specialist teachers who ensure our pupils reach their full potential.

OASIS is also the main sponsor for the Stepping Stones Activity Day, an annual event for children with hemiplegia and their families. 


Larry Sullivan is the proprietor of Stepping Stones SchoolLarry Sullivan is the proprietor of Stepping Stones School. Larry believes that commerce should be engaged in the education of young people.

Larry is the founder of COINS, OASIS and Total Objects.







How can bursaries support our pupils?

pupils working at their laptops at Stepping Stones School

Parents frequently struggle to get access to appropriate provision for their child; where such provision requires extra funding from the Local Authority, this is often not forthcoming, or is only made available after lengthy and costly appeals to an independent tribunal.

Parents may also find that their child's specific needs may be neglected when authorities adopt too inflexible an approach to inclusion.

Lady Warnock has recently warned that 'misunderstanding over inclusion is causing confusion of which children are the casualties" A timely scholarship or bursary might help parents avoid litigation and, more importantly, enable a child to be placed in a school where he/she will flourish and progress.


Case Study

James is 13 years old and has already attended more than 4 secondary schools  before arriving at Stepping Stones. James is assessed by qualified staff to ensure that Stepping Stones meets his individual needs. These assessments are expensive, but critical to ensure that James can reach his full potential with the appropriate level of support. James will receive physiotherapy and occupational therapy sessions on a weekly basis. This treatment alone, is often far in excess of what most parents can afford to pay.

As with all pupils who attend Stepping Stones, James is provided with a state-of-the-art laptop computer. This enables him to continue learning at home and connect to his peers using video and text technologies. Teachers are also available online, and this is a unique resource for pupils. Total Objects supplies the hardware which will support James in his education.

Clearly, subject specialist teachers do come at a cost. We employ the very highest quality teaching staff who are trained and aware of what is needed for teaching children with special educational needs.


Could your organisation sponsor a student like James? The annual fee for all the essential services provided at Stepping Stones is £14,500; even a 50% bursary would go a long way towards meeting all his needs.

Submitted by Jonathan Furness on Fri, 2007-09-21 11:27.