Take a look around the school


A converted chapel is home to Stepping Stones School. The pupils at Stepping Stones have been learning about how panoramas can be used to enable others to see our excellent school facilities. These panoramas have been created using Apple QuickTime. You will need the free QuickTime plugin in order to view these panoramas.

Pupils used a digital camera, tripod and computer software called PhotoStitch, which is supplied by Canon cameras. Here is some of the pupils' work.

The school hall


The physiotherapy room


As you can see, since the panoramas were first taken in 2004, the school has undergone further development. The creation of the new mezzanine floor, provides pupils with another classroom and dedicated music resources. On the ground floor, a well resourced physiotherapy room offers pupils daily therapy from a qualified therapist and trained learning support assistant.

View panoramas from 2004

The main hall
The Kitchen
Dining / physio room
Upstairs office
Outside space

* you will need to download the QuickTime plugin to view the panoramas.


Submitted by Jonathan Furness on Mon, 2006-02-20 17:51.