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Stepping Stones School has firmly established itself as a first class provider of care and education for young people with hemiplegia. It is expanding its services and its age range and intends to build on its reputation by offering help to any family which has a child with special educational needs. Our ambitions go much further, however. Through its close association with the COINS Foundation and under the aegis of its sister organisation Stepping On, we intend to reach out to disadvantaged and disabled children throughout the world; we seek to change lives for the better and strive to ensure that every child can realise his potential and make his unique contribution to society.

We are already talking to CARE International about funding and supporting six schools in Zambia; we are already committed to linking up with an orphanage and school in St Petersburg; an exciting collaboration with a school on Little Cayman in the Caribbean is already established; talks with the DCSF and the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust about a bid to sponsor an academy are already well advanced; Stepping On will push forward our agenda to link with schools throughout the world using the latest and developing technologies; on line counselling and job matching services will seek to enrich the lives of young adults with special needs. Stepping On is about far more than the young people whom we presently educate in our Surrey school; but the dramatic transformation in their lives that has been wrought here is something we seek to replicate elsewhere. Our model of personalised learning undoubtedly works and we have every reason to believe it can work in different settings and in different cultures because it is rooted in the dignity and in the intrinsic worth of the individual.


Larry Sullivan and Neil Clark
December 2007



Submitted by Jonathan Furness on Mon, 2007-12-03 13:58.