Everyone Upbeat at the HemiHelp Music Workshop


On Sunday 21st October the Stepping Stones School hosted the HemiHelp Music Workshop which attracted budding musicians to come for the day and have a chance to perform within a group. It was very much a family occasion where brothers and sisters, Mums and Dads were encouraged to join in.

The event was organised and run by Sally Motley and her team of talented musicians who each delivered a session, from singing to playing percussion instruments and boomwhackers, beating drums, and making digital music on a computer.

Sally commented on the day:

"It was a brilliant venue and the feedback that we've had about the workshop has been excellent."

The looks on the faces of those who took part, clearly show that everyone had a great time. Curiously enough, I wasn't quite sure who enjoyed it more, the parents or the kids!

Take a look at the photographs taken on the day.

Submitted by Jonathan Furness on Wed, 2007-10-24 00:40.