Dan'sfavourite subjects are Art & Design, Food Studies and Physical Education. He has been at the school almost 3 years, is currently 15 yrs old and is in Year Eleven. He is also studying for his GCSE's, which he will take in 2008.

He also enjoys listening to music, playing video games etc.He has also became adept with Photoshop, of which some of his earliest works are on his blog.


Dominic is at student at Stepping Stones School, his
favourite subject is ICT and he has been at Stepping
stones for two years and is 15 years of age. He is in year 11 and likes playing online games such age of mythology and rise of nations as well as using
programs such as sketch up to create 3D
images and Print Music to compose his own music


My name is Jessica. I am 11 years old. My hobbies are; Swimming, Horse riding and so much more. I am one of the pupils at Stepping Stones school, before I came to Stepping Stones I went to Ridgemede Junior school, but I really do prefer Stepping Stones. The reason I prefer Stepping Stones is that we work at our own level and at Ridgemede I kept getting speed up in my book, Stepping Stones is the best school ever !! At the moment we only have 4 children in the school. We have more staff than pupils in Stepping stones. The school trips I have had are; a play of the Wizard Of Oz and a trip to London to see a play of Macbeth in Southwark.


Amy is a pupil at Stepping Stones school
She has been at Stepping stones for 2 yrs. now

Amy is 15 yrs old and her best subjects is Child Care, Music, Food Studies
Amy was involved in the Stepping Stones Activity Day.

Amy had made own films made on Apple mac computers like Amy has made her own Sailability film and Life of a Pen in Art & Design, and Animation, Park Rescue.


Hi my name is Amie. I have been at Stepping Stones for a term now. I am really enjoying school and I have been getting a lot more confident since the first day of term. During this term I have participated in many activities, including: horse-riding, sailing and swimming.
Submitted by Daniel on Mon, 2006-06-12 22:09.