My Future, Our World Conference 2003
National Primary Trust

These photographs were taken to record some of the key moments at the My Future, Our World conference held at Telford in June 2003.

The venue was excellent, particularly the lecture theatre, take a look at the VR.

Ted Wragg.JPG
Ted Wragg presenting a 'common sense' approach to education

Ted Wragg 2.JPG
Ted Wragg answering questions from the audience

Oliver James.JPG
Oliver James explains how parents f*** up their children

Delegates 1.JPG
delegates listening intently

Val and Angela.JPG
Val and Angela sitting at dinner

Gill and Val.JPG
Gill Kane and Val Dalton

Sue listens and reflects on the days' events

Julie and Sharon.JPG
Julie and Sharon deep in conversation

Student Union 1.JPG
drinking and ...

Student Union 2.JPG
... relaxing in the Student Union

Welsh Guitarist.JPG
Welsh Guitarist

Gill and Sharon.JPG
Gill and Sharon dancing the night away...

Peter and Gill.JPG
...and then so did Peter

Peter dancing.JPG
hmmm, what can we say
move over, John Travolta

Peter speaking.JPG
Peter speaking the following day - looks okay, doesn't he

Lilian Katz enlightening the captive audience

John Huckle giving as something to think about

John Huckle 1.JPG
John Huckle sharing his thoughts on conservation

a little welcoming drama

a video conference between delegates and educationists in the USA

the delegates watched and listened intently

educationists give their thoughts to our questions

Mick Waters takes us along the road to the future

... with a little help from delegates.

produced by Jonathan Furness, Ultralab